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For companies that have the need to direct customers to a "nearest" or "most appropriate" location, ABCI Communications provides location referral services.

Marketing Response is our comprehensive collection of automatic inbound and outbound call tools for lead management. Inbound services include Register to Call and Click to Call. Outbound service includes Purchase to Call.

Register to Call requests that customers fill out a form for more information. These contact forms are then compiled into a list of leads to be followed up on. Our system can be configured to initiate preview dialing outbound calls immediately following registration or after a specified amount of time using an efficient progressive dialing system.

Click to Call enables online customers to request an immediate phone call from our customer service team. Product and service questions are resolved quickly so that online sales can be completed.

Purchase to Call ensures that you never miss making critical follow-up calls to customers who should receive special attention or nurturing. Calls are automatically scheduled based on rules you create. For instance, customers who place large orders are automatically called back 5 days after purchase.

Active Response is fully customizable to meet the needs of your customers, unlike other Click to Talk and Click to Dial systems. Calls can be initiated based on any action, such as clicks, purchases, registrations, web page views, and shopping cart or checkout process issues. Immediate lead response becomes possible with preview dialing and progressive dialing. Contact us today and we can put these innovative, free of charge tools to work for your business.

Our features include:

  • Identification of location by ZIP code search or designated territory.
  • Referrals determined by response to qualifying questions, or by desired product or availability.
  • Referrals rotated among multiple dealers or assigned to prioritized dealers.
  • Referral of multiple locations.
  • Referral services by live operation or interactive voice response.
  • Caller fax-back and dealer "hot lead" notification.