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Market Research & Customer Surveys If you're thinking of starting a new business, developing your existing one or just want to get more insight into what your customers really think, then this solution has been developed with you in mind.

Understanding the attitudes, preferences and buying patterns of existing or potential clients is a key ingredient to rapid growth of your business. With more and more businesses watching consumer trends and developing tomorrow's products and services today; make sure your business doesn't get left behind.

Why Not Just Use Email Or Online Surveys? The small investment into a call centre solution, rather than just using impersonal methods will reward you with:
  • More Information - Standard questionnaires can be "abandoned" part way through if the respondent does not understand the meaning behind a question. By having another person not only provide clarity but also completing the form-filling; more data is captured.
  • Better Data - By building trust and rapport with the respondent, often deeply held beliefs or opinions can surface, providing a more honest response. Coupled with telephone researchers who can spot the verbal signs when respondents are not being completely honest provides a higher calibre of data than impersonal methods.
  • Increased Converson - by coupling research with special offers, respondents are more open to taking advantage of any incentives that are presented to them.
Why Choose Access? You will benefit from:
  • Experienced Agents - The agents handling your calls are experienced staff who are passionate about delivering the right results for our clients.
  • Customer Care Pedigree - We're crazy about customer service. In fact, we feel this is so important that our management team have come from senior customer relationship management posts with companies like Lloyds TSB, British Gas, BHS and Saga Insurance. That's why you can trust us to get the result you need.

Access'S Call Centers provides USA national Telemarketing Outsourcing and nationwide Telemarketing Outsourcing to a wide variety of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients that require call center Telemarketing Outsourcing. Outsourcing your call center Telemarketing Outsourcing requirements can be on a project-by-project basis or through developing a long-term more comprehensive partnership. Call Center and Telemarketing Outsourcing Shoppers Know Access As A Quality Call Center Service Provider. Access'S Los Angeles call center and Telemarketing Outsourcing are ranked best among clients, and consultants. Call center and Telemarketing Outsourcing are also available for all of California, especially Los Angeles County and Orange County. Access has operated Telemarketing Outsourcing centers for over 50 years providing service to over 10,000 clients. Access works with each client on an ongoing basis to customize our service applications to assist you in meeting your business objectives.

Our Call Center and e-Commerce Includes Call Center Services along with e-Commerce with Custom Message Delivery. Our Offsite Receptionist Call Center are perfect for Overflow Reception Call Center traffic. We offer 24 x 7 Live-e-Support  and our Call Center can perform Order Taking. In addition, our Call Center can provide Help Desk as though it were your in-house Call Center. We can help you with brochure Fulfillment and Market Research. It is quiet remarkable how a Call Center can not only provide Telemarketing, but a Call Center can also be a Reservations Call Center. We can even be an Emergency Response Call Center Dispatch Service, more over we offer Appointment Booking or Seminar registration and we include Database Management services. Plus, we do it all Nationwide, including Nationwide e-Commerce Services.